Submitted v0.5 at around 5:50pm PST (I live in California). This is my submission to the jam.


Making this for the GMTK game jam. The theme is dual-purpose design.

I decided to make a platformer. Most platformers I've played have running and jumping, but the two mechanics don't intertwine beyond the obvious. My idea for this game was to make a platformer that links jumping with running. I decided to make a game where your running speed translates to increased jump height. I achieved my goal, but my game doesn't feel very complete or interesting, IMO. I learned a lot about platformer physics, though.

Here's some salient features:

  • Running faster makes you jump higher
  • You can wall jump
  • You can wall push (essentially push off the wall and gain a burst of running speed)
  • Holding the jump button extends your jump (reduces gravity)

What I'm missing:

  • Better levels
  • More interesting mechanics

Thanks for coming! I would love your feedback if you have any.


Download 10 MB